Alison Roedl is a Project Manager with Ecotype Consulting, where she assists in LEED documentation, technical analysis, green specifications, and peer review.

Alison earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management & Green Business from the University of Redlands. She currently serves as Vice President of Service of the Kiwanis Club of Redlands and sits on the club’s Scholarship Foundation Board as Scholarship Committee Chair. She is acutely aware of events and service projects in and around Redlands, emphasizing support systems for our youth and underserved families.

Alison been appointed to the City of Redlands Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission. She sees this an opportunity to influence preservation decisions through an environmental lens, emphasizing the role historical and cultural resources play in sustainability and sustainable communities.

Alison also makes time to grow a mean veggie garden, cook for friends, and travel with family. She has a book buying habit that won’t quit, and loves giving a read to someone in need.