California certified lighting acceptance testing

Lately, building inspectors have been asking for Title 24 BEES lighting acceptance test forms before issuing a certificate of occupancy. Electrical and general contractors: don't get caught flat-footed without complete forms in hand. There are three required certificates for all lighting controls mandated by Title 24 BEES:

  1. NRCC - Nonresidential Certificate of Compliance. These are produced and signed by the design engineer, and they should be in the permit set.
  2. NRCI - Nonresidential Certificate of Installation. These are filled out and signed by the installing contractor.
  3. NRCA - Nonresidential Certificate of Acceptance. These can only be filled out and signed by a certified lightning AT-Technician. That's us.

We have been certified to perform Title 24 BEES lighting acceptance testing. Yes, we can come in and save your bacon if your inspector has made a surprise request. We're happy to do it. But, if you call us early (like when the job is awarded), we can be a big help. We can identify compliance issues before equipment gets purchased and installed. We can assist with completion of NRCI forms. We can coordinate field testing so that it doesn't hold up the schedule and integrates well with commissioning.

Eric Shamp is certified AT-Technician #TC-A814192.

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