LEED consulting

Ecotype Consulting understands the quirks of the LEED certification process. LEED is constantly evolving, and staying on top of the changes requires vigilance, good quality control practices, and adaptability. Our approach to LEED consulting is to manage and simplify the LEED certification process so that you and your team can remain focused on core competencies.

Our LEED consulting services come value added: we've been designated as a LEED Proven Provider for Building Design + Construction (BD+C) projects. Organizations that demonstrate and maintain high-quality project submissions through LEED Proven Provider receive significant benefits, such as greater access to a LEED reviewer and recognition from USGBC for their sustained track record of high-quality project submissions.

Ideally, LEED consulting should be procured in the earliest design stages of a project. We understand that perfect world scenario is rare. You may be just starting to put together a team, or you may be responding to a last-minute change of plans. We can get your team through the process quickly and painlessly.

We help out with the complex calculations that can trip up a certification, including energy and ventilation prerequisites. We also provide commissioning that is compliant with the LEED prerequisite.

We are experienced in LEED for New Construction, Core and Shell, Commercial Interiors, Homes, and Schools. You can check out Our Work right here and search by attribute.

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