LEED construction administration

LEED construction requirements can be a time-intensive process. If you miss a LEED goal, it can result in cost overruns, project delays, and even liquidated damages. Bid documents can contain LEED requirements that are poorly written, in conflict with each other, or are plain unnecessary. Sometimes the architect or the owner has a LEED consultant on their side. When that happens, you'll appreciate having us on your side because we speak that language. We're good translators, too.

We work closely with general contractors, sometime side-by-side in the job trailer. We help make sure LEED construction requirements are satisfied to the letter, on time, and under budget. We can assist you with any green building requirements in the bid documents. Services include:

  • construction waste management plans
  • construction indoor air quality plans
  • LEED submittal reviews
  • LEED online documentation
  • LEED action plans
  • LEED progress reports
  • site walk notes and observations
  • and more.

We can integrate our LEED process into your existing protocols. We are experienced with all of the mainstream project management and project accounting platforms: Newforma, Viewpoint, Basecamp, Textura, Primavera, and others.

We can be there to help you address LEED costs in your bid estimates. We can also be there when you get "surprised" by LEED construction requirements. We are especially effective on design-build teams, where we can monitor LEED goals from the beginning of design to the end of construction (and even do the commissioning!).

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