Commissioning is a quality assurance process for developing high-performance buildings. It is an owner's process, which means that the owner sets the expectations, we verify compliance with those expectations at every step of the way, and we report back to the owner how well those expectations have been met. We have almost ten years of experience in leading the commissioning process on a variety of building types: office, retail, industrial, education, and senior living.

Integration is key to our process. We seek to make the process more efficient by combining tasks, meeting, and coordination efforts. We can integrate existing installer quality protocols, start-up procedures, and testing requirements. We can integrate T-24 mandated acceptance testing into the process, reducing meeting and testing time for everyone. We can also integrate the LEED certification process, further saving time and coordination.

Jonah and Eric are ASHRAE-certified Commissioning Process Management Professionals (CPMP). Blake is a mechanical engineer. We are also prolific paperwork people, and can help create clear, concise, and useful documents:

  • owner's project requirements
  • basis of design documentation
  • commissioning plans
  • specifications
  • manuals
  • reports

Our process is based on ASHRAE guidelines and standards (ASHRAE 202-2013, to be exact), and will meet LEED, CALGreen, and T-24 requirements. We can commission HVAC, domestic hot water, lighting, renewable energy, process loads, and building envelope systems... any building system with inputs and outputs that can be predicted, measured, and compared. We use data logging instruments to record building system data over time and under varying conditions, giving a clearer picture of actual performance.

Tip: to realize the full value of the commissioning process, contact us early in your project! There are vital tasks in every project phase, even during pre-design.

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