CALGreen compliance consulting

The California Green Building Code (Title 24, Part 11, better known as CALGreen) sets minimum green building requirements for all new construction in California. It is the first and only of it's kind in the US, and looks to become more stringent with each three-year revision cycle.

One unique aspect of this code is that it affects all design disciplines and all building trades. Complete compliance, therefore, is dependent upon the contributions of many different members of the design and construction team. This is in contrast to most building codes, such as the electric code or the fire code, where there are clear-cut responsibilities that can be easily assigned to specific designers and tradesmen.

It is useful, then, to have one single party responsible for overseeing CALGreen compliance across all design disciplines and trades. That's what Ecotype does.

We advise design teams on green building code compliance requirements, and help them with all necessary documentation. We determine the minimum compliance measures, whether Minimum Mandatory,  Tier 1, or Tier 2. We review designs at key milestones and provide a CALGreen gap assessments along the way. We provide drawing sheets, stamped by our Architect, containing all of the notes, calculations, checklists, forms, specification language, and commissioning documents that are necessary to achieve CALGreen compliance on the first try. We produce signed and stamped compliance sheets, documents, and calculations for CALGreen and other local green building codes.

On the construction side, we can help with field compliance requirements, including record-keeping, construction waste management, construction indoor air quality management, and material compliance. CALGreen is now being field enforced by building inspectors in some jurisdictions! Don't get caught without all of your compliance documentation in order.

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