Building energy analysis

Double screens and double cups of coffee... essential tools for design-phase building energy analysis. We also use a couple of analysis and code-compliance applications: CBECC, Energy Pro, ASHRAE-55 Thermal Comfort Tool, PV Watts, Solar Pro, ASHRAE-62 ventilation calculator, and others.

Energy modeling is an incredibly useful tool if implemented early enough in the design phase. The output can be used to inform design alternatives, perform life cycle cost analysis, size renewable energy systems, purchase green power, produce LEED documentation, apply for tax credits, accommodate design flexibility, and demonstrate code compliance. It is also a critical component of many utility incentive programs such as Savings By Design.

On LEED projects, we verify that energy model inputs and assumptions are aligned throughout the LEED submittal package: thermal comfort setpoints, ventilation rates, outside air intake rates, occupancy, use, floor area, operational schedules, utility rates.

We provide building energy analysis as an add-on to our LEED consulting services.

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