Energy efficiency review at no cost, incentives, go net-zero!

Take note, designers and building owners in southern California: if you are looking to get the most bang-for-your-buck out of your building systems, I recommend connecting with Savings By Design. There are some great opportunities for no-cost consulting expertise and incentives for participating owners and design firms. I've worked with SBD on many projects over the years, and its has always been a great added value.

Here's what they have to say for themselves:

The Savings By Design (SBD) Program is a statewide program available for Southern California Gas Company customers. The SBD Program, focused on driving energy efficiency in new construction and major renovation projects, offers significant incentives and design assistance, free of charge, to owners and design teams for projects that achieve significant energy savings above Title 24 minimums by 10% or more. Enrolled projects are encouraged to go above and beyond by incorporating advanced energy efficiency designs and targeting zero net energy status.

SBD is available for any non-residential projects currently in the design process. Enrolled projects receive free design assistance for the project owner and their design team. Design assistance includes recommendations for energy efficient technologies, zero net energy and passive design strategies and the preparation of an owner’s report recommending design modifications and strategies for change. Financial incentives are available for up to $150,000 for owners and $50,000 for design teams.

It's legit, especially if you have a project that has ambitious energy efficiency goals, especially especially if you are pursuing net-zero or near-net-zero energy consumption. Contact me and I'll answer any questions or concerns, or click the link above, or go directly to the source: Jonathan Fata, Waypoint Building Group, (415) 757-6255.

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